B. A. S. K. E. T. , The Recession Road Map


B. A. S. K. E. T.

An Affordable Road Map for Your Business to Safely Navigate this Recession



It is an innovative marketing program clearly designed for these tough economic times, and tailor-made for your business to help you survive the current recession. We study your business and present you with a written plan as to what you need to do to enable your business withstand the current bad economy and to thrive when it turns around. Why waste your time and money trying to figure out what to do? For a one-time low fee, you can now have a B. A. S. K. E. T. Road Map custom-designed for YOU to use! No more guessing, experimenting, or not knowing what to do!



B. A. S. K. E. T. stands for
(Best, Attract, Sell, Keep, Expand, Team Up)

1) BEST: We shall help you profile the best prospects for you to reach with your advertising & promotion.

2) ATTRACT: We shall custom design a creative advertising campaign for you to implement so you can attract your best prospects and induce them to visit your store or call your business. All of your employees need to participate in attracting prospects. Everyone on your staff MUST participate in attracting prospects. The B.A.S.K.E.T. Recession Roadmap will show you how to motivate them to enroll in this vital part of the program!

3) SELL: Once you attracted the best prospects to visit or call, your staff must be able to sell them. They need to realize they cannot just be “order takers” or “customer service people” but “skilled salespeople”. Should they need to be trained or re-trained in sales, we can help you do that as a separate job of course. You will need to sharpen their sales skills. Does it make sense to you to spend your time, effort and money to first profile the best prospects and then attract them to come to your business or to call you and then lose them because your staff are not able to close the sale?

4) KEEP: We shall show you how to bring back old clients you have not heard from & keep current ones. It is cheaper to keep a client than to get a new one!

5) EXPAND: We shall show you how to expand by getting referrals from your existing clients & also how to motivate them to give you the referrals that you need!

6) TEAM UP: We shall show you how to team up with other businesses to help each other. Here in Palm Beach County, FL (our business area) we are now putting together Co-Op promotional projects that you can affordably join and be granted exclusivity in them! Plus we shall soon launch a MARKETING CLUB a unique networking group exclusively for our clients. If you are outside our area, we shall show you how to join or start a networking group, do Co-Op advertising and other ways of teaming up with non-competing businesses!

All the above will constitute the B. A. S. K. E. T. ROAD MAP that you will need to navigate this recession.

Your Road Map will be customized for YOU!
$399.00 payable at time of order*


How to order your own customized B. A. S. K. E. T. Road Map!?

A) Click on the ORDER FORM below. It will take you to a secure website. Please fill all the required information. Click on SUBMIT PAYMENT FORM.
B) Once we process the credit card payment, we shall notify you and mail you a set of questionnaires for you to fill and mail back.
C) The information you provide us with will be treated with complete confidentiality of course. These questionnaires will cover wide range of areas of your business: marketing, management, etc. Once we get them back, we shall study them in depth. We will probably call or email you for more information, clarifications, etc. We shall then custom-design and print the recommended plan of action and mail it to you by CERTIFIED MAIL marked PERSONAL so only you can sign for it.

So do not be left on your own trying to find out what works during this recession! Order your customized B.A.S.K.E.T. Road Map today! Click on the Order Form below.