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  Abdallah A. Eljabaly
Owner and Manager of



  • Abdallah was born in Yemen in Sept, 1950 of Yemeni parents

  • His family moved to Asmara, Eritrea when he was 3 years old and he grew up in that country.

  • He finished his 1st grade to 8th grade in an Italian school in Asmara. Then his parents sent him to a boarding school in Maadi, Egypt (Victoria College) where he spent 2 years. In the late 50’s, Victoria College was one of the best schools in Egypt, run by the British.

  • He was returned to Asmara where he finished his Secondary School there.
    He applied and was accepted at the American University of Beirut (AUB). He studied business administration and graduated there in June 1971

  • He joined his family business in Yemen which owned a small fleet of cargo ships. He spent a few years helping his family with this business which involved a lot of travel. He went to over 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.

  • He also started a new family business, which involved international trade and was exporting and importing agricultural products from Yemen to Europe and manufactured products from Europe and other countries to Yemen.

  • He left his family business and started a commercial agency called TRIAD in Sanaa, Yemen. He helped European companies bid and win government tenders that involved nearly $100 million in projects like building sea ports, marine boats, etc.

  • He married a Dutch lady and, in 1979, left Yemen and immigrated to the USA. They settled in Arizona and had two children born there.

  • There, he did graduate work in Business Administration at the University of Arizona. After that, he started an Export Management Company called Holland Traders, Inc. which exported US products to the Middle East.

  • In 1997, the family moved to Florida where they have been living since.
    From 1997 to 2000, he worked as a salesman and a sales manager for local American companies. In January 2000, he started his own business called SOUTH FLORIDA BUSINESS ASSOCIATION, hence renamed Florida Business Association LLC. (FBA)

  • FBA publishes beautiful cartoon maps for cities and counties all over Florida. Lately, FBA started publishing a series of full color directories where local businesses place advertisements to promote themselves. The latest directory is FLORIDA’S BEST, which will be direct mailed to 10,000 businesses in the City of Dubai.

  • Mr. Eljabaly is a certified marketing consultant and wrote a weekly column for a local newspaper called THE OBSERVER titled MARKETING Q&A where the readers emailed him questions about their businesses and he used this column to reply to those questions.

  • He is multi-lingual, fluent in Arabic, English and Italian. He is less fluent in French and An Eritrean language.

Click here to read tens of letters of introduction and recommendations that many of his clients wrote about him and his business. Most of these are city and county governments throughout Florida for whom he published their tourist cartoon maps.


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