The Co-Op Marketing Program



The Co-Op Marketing Program

Together, we reach new heights!


All local businesses are invited to join. The manager  will promote the entire Club as one. A co-op marketing program, detailed below, will be explained to each prospective member before they join. We strongly recommend you carefully study the details below before the Manager comes to your place to sign you up. This way, you can write down any questions, ask him and be well informed about the co-op marketing program and its benefits. 


There are several distinct parts to this program:

A) 5,000 MAILER::

We shall design, print and direct-mail 5,000 jumbo co-op post cards to 5,000 upscale in elite gated communities somewhere in Palm Beach County, starting with these in Wellington: Palm Beach polo, Palm Beach Point, Mallet Hill, Black Diamond, Versailles, Wycliffe and Olympia. These homeowners are in the top 5% income bracket, can order quality products & services and pay for them.  Each mailer will be targeted to a different 5,000 upscale homes in elite gated communities somewhere in Palm Beach County.

The 6x11 2-sided full color jumbo post cards will have on them 24 equally sized ad spots, one for each of the 24 businesses that will be invited to join the program. We shall design the ad and have you proof it. At the bottom of the ad will be the sub-domain address of a VideoPage that we shall create for each of the 24 participants.

This monthly mailer of 5,000 jumbo cards will be made when each participant pays his/her monthly fee (stated below) otherwise the mailer could be delayed and that would not be fair to the other paying participants in the program.


Our videographer will shoot a custom video of the owner and the business of each participant in the program. He will go to one location designated by the owner (say the business, home, job site, etc) and shoot a video of the owner talking to the camera, showing off his business, products, staff, vehicles, etc. Then the videographer will edit the video to a length of no more than 1 minute and will then give it to our webmaster. The latter will embed the edited video into a webpage on this website, add information about the company and that becomes a VideoPage! The address of this VideoPage will then be written at the bottom of the color ad on the jumbo card! The idea is that the recipient of the jumbo card will see the printed ad and visit the videopage of the participant on this website. Here is how a VideoPage looks like:


5,000 2-sided 4x6 full color post cards will be designed and printed. There will be space on the card for a 4-digit number to be stamped in a certain space. The idea is to talk to busy retail outlets all over Palm Beach County and sell the these store owners on the benefits of leaving 100 such cards, placed on a plastic stand, on their counter so that their clients pick them up. We shall visit the store regularly and refill the cards.

The store owners will benefit from the card directly by getting a free webpage on our website for as long as they keep the plastic stand with the cards on their counter.

The goal is to place 25such stands in 25 retail outlet every month, with the goal of placing 100 retail outlets in 4 months. Furthermore, each of the Club member will also receive 100 of these referral cards to give out at their place of business to their clients. This way, all members promote each other! The Manager has with him a sample of the 4x6 card and an actual plastic stand and will be part of the free presentation he will give prospective members!



We shall set up a time and place for a monthly, or ultimately a bi-monthly, meeting of the 24 participants. The idea is that they know each other and their respective business, promote each other, give each other referrals, exchange ideas and experiences. This meeting will be at a common place, either the business of one of  the participants or at a local restaurant.



As long as each participant remains in good standing within the program, the manager will help out by providing reasonable amount of graphic design free of charge. If the participant needs to have his/her logo, business card, flyer, etc. redesigned, the manager will do it for them free of charge.



If a participant needs something printed (ex. business cards), the manager of the program will help out by having one of his contacts in the printing business give an offer and give this to the participant at a discounted rate. These services include sales training, custom direct-mailing, etc.


A newsletter, by email, will be sent out bi-monthly to each active member. It will contain the latest marketing tips, news, specials by members, announcements, highlighting of new members, etc.


All members are entitled to free marketing advice from the club, by email or phone, on any matter pertaining to their business. This is for as long as they remain members in good standing.


As long as each participant is in good standing in the program, they will hold the exclusivity of their own business category: the only roofer, accountant, etc. in the group. If they decide to get out of the program, the manager will invite another business from the same category to take their place in the program! If that happens and the new participant remains in the program, the old participant that just left may never be able to return.


Participants who want to withdraw from the program and cancel their membership clearly understand
that they will be replaced by a business of the same type and that they will lose their videopage on this website.


Each participant will pay $295 a month to Florida Business Association for their participation in this
Co-Op Marketing Program. In addition, a one-time fee of $100 will be charged to cover the cost of the outside videographer to shoot and edit the video. This person is not an employee of ours but an outside contractor. So this fee is non-refundable. We accept cash, checks, Visa, Credit Card and Discover.

For a ONE-TIME FREE PRESENTATION, call or email the Manager as soon as possible. So call the Manager 7 days a week. His cell is shown below.

E-Mail    24/7 Voice Mail 888-899-3190    Manager's Cell # 561-252-7955