International Promotion


Reach 400,000 companies from the Middle East and promote your products, services, investment opportunities, real estate, etc.!

Join us in this co-operative effort whereby we promote a limited number
of businesses to the owners of approximately 400,000 Middle Eastern companies located mainly in the Arabian Gulf countries of Kuwait,
Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman.


The most effective and affordable way to reach the owners of 400,000 companies is by email! These are prospective buyers, distributors, agents, importers, reps,
investors, and all types of businesses. 

How does this work?

You place an announcement consisting of up to 10 lines of information about your company, goals, objectives (what you are looking for, from searching for buyers and distributors for your products, to seeking investors in your company, to offering real estate, etc) and a link to your website. Add a headline and one image: photo, logo, etc.  If you do not have a website, we shall create a webpage on ours and give you a link to that webpage. We shall set up a webpage and place the 20 announcements on it. Click on the link below to see it with examples of announcements:

Which companies would benefit most by this marketing program!?

Manufacturers, exporters, international recruiters, realtors, investment seekers, colleges and universities, travel agencies, time share, and anyone who wants to reach these 400,000 companies on a business or personal level.

Can participants in this co-op project get copies of the database?

We do not give out copies of the list of 400,000 Middle Eastern companies we are emailing to as it is rented for one time use only!  It cannot be given or resold.

What are the prospects of US exports to that region!?
US exports to that vital region of the world were up by 20% over a year ago and they are on track to more than double by the year 2015 as there are significant export opportunities in the Middle East. 
Don't be left out! Take your first step to introduce your products and services to a high growth area! Read this article!

The US Chamber of Commerce plans to DOUBLE US exports in 5 years!

Read about this effort by the United Stated Chamber of Commerce, the largest in the world, and how it intends to do it. Read the 5-point plan, specially Point #5! Right now only 1 of every 100 American companies is engaged in exports. The
Chamber rightly believes that this ratio is way too low and they want to increase it.
Read about the Chamber's 5-point plan.
 Click here!

Can non-US companies participate in this co-op project!?

Yes they can!

What is the cost of participating in the co-op project? Only $299.00 per campaign of 400,000 emails. You are NOT obliged to commit yourself to more than one campaign of 400,000 at a time. You can always renew the campaign by paying another $299.

Is this effective? We did a test before launching this promotion! We are publishers of beautiful cartoon maps and we are interested in publishing custom maps for interested parties in that region. We selected at random just 3,000 companies in the City of Dubai and had 3,000 emails sent for us, offering our $20,000 maps package! Within 3 days, we received 4 inquiries from local interested parties that we are now talking to. We cannot wait to see the response to a similar offer that will be sent to the mentioned 400,000 businesses!

Why are we doing this? Our main interest is to promote our two services that are not in any way competitive to yours: one to promote our Sales Training Courses that we plan to conduct on location there. A second one are the tourist maps we publish.

If you are interested in participating in our first campaign, please email, call or fax us ASAP as the remaining spots will fill up quickly.

You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express, or mail a check to us to reach us before the campaign starts. You can download the Order Form, print, fill sign and fax it to us to 561-333-4758.

To print the Order Form click here.

Who is Florida Business Association LLC?  We are a 10-year old established company engaged in marketing, consulting and publishing. Please check out some of the tens of letters we received from some of our larger clients: municipalities, chambers, etc.

By the way, the manager is an Arab-American. He speaks the Arabic language fluently and, should you ever need help in translation (should the other party not be totally fluent in English), you can always ask him to participate in a 3-way conversation that you initiate! PLUS he worked in international trade for 10 years before immigrating to the USA so he is familiar with the way the import  -  export trade works there! We invite you to participate in this co-op project. If you have any questions, or if you want to participate, call or email us as soon as possible. Time is of the essence. Thank you.

Florida Business Association LLC
-Manager's cell 561-252-7955. Call him 7 days (9 am - 9 pm EST)
-To reach our 24/7 voice mail, call and leave us a detailed message: