Marketing Q & A

Al Jabaly, the owner of Florida Business Association LLC, has university degrees in business administration and marketing. He has over 20+ years experience in the marketing of small businesses. He was trained and certified as a marketing consultant by the national renowned Leadership Strategies Institute based in Atlanta, GA.

Marketing Q&A:
Al and Bruce Easton, the publisher of the weekly Observer, a newspaper based in Royal Palm Beach covering the Western Communities in Palm Beach County, agreed that Al would write a weekly column titled MARKETING Q&A. The purpose of this article is to answer marketing questions from local small business owners who would email him these questions. He would post the questions & answers that he thinks are of most interest to the business readers of the Observer. The first such article was published in the Fri 9/14 issue of the Observer. We shall make these articles available by date and title as shown below. You can click on the date & title and read the full article.

Do you have a marketing question to email Al?
Al would be happy to answer it as long as it is of general nature that would be of interest to all. For any specific marketing problems and questions, Al offers affordable marketing consultancy service with a free initial consultation. If you want to send Al a general marketing question, email it to him to He will be happy to answer such questions and even post them on this website.


Previous Columns from the Observer

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11/02/2007 "Al. I have always wondered what factors weight in people's buying process. Is it need? ego? novelty? Your input will be appreciated!"

11/09/2007 "Al. My brochures and flyers do not seem to work. Can you advise me on what I need to do?"

11/16/2007 "Al. Everybody I know hates Spam e-mails. How can I send e-mails to my prospects without annoying them?"

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12/28/2007 "Al. What is the P.E.S.T. business analysis and how can it help my small business?"