Your Own Marketing Manager



An affordable and effective way to have your own
on-call marketing manager without the expense of a full time one!


Large companies have a large marketing department, fully staffed and abundantly financed, headed by a high-salaried Marketing Manager. Smaller companies do not have such a marketing department or a marketing manager, UNTIL NOW THAT IS! What we are offering small businesses (from the 1-person home-based business to a 50-emoloyee multi-million dollar sales enterprise) is a PART-TIME, ON-CALL, Marketing Manager. This way, the business can benefit from the expertise of such a person without having to spend a lot of money having either a fully-staffed department (unless they have or need to) or even a full-time high-salaried Marketing Manager.

Most people do not understand the role of a Marketing Manager in any business or organization. Many also confuse Marketing with Sales and Promotion, interchanging these 3 words in their daily written or conversational business vocabulary! We view the Marketing Manager as the person that implements the SEVEN P'S MARKETING MIX. With a small ongoing business, the role may be scaled down and may not cover ALL of the above 7 Ps mix. These are:

We offer you 25+ years of experience in marketing, sales, consulting and sales training. We owned and ran several small businesses and so we are well positioned to understand the financial limitations imposed on a small business. We are NOT going to come and view your business as a large one (unless it is!) and recommend an exorbitantly expensive marketing plan to design and/or implement!


STEP #1:
Before anything else, we need to do an in-depth study of your business and design a marketing plan to fit your needs and budget. The first step is to perform a B. A. S. K. E. T. Marketing Road Map. This is a written report customized just for your business to show us the way from A (the first step) to Z (the final of 6 steps) that we both need to take together. Let us first explain what B. A. S. K. E. T. stands for and does. It is an acronym of SIX letters, each covering ONE step in our designing the mentioned road map. Here it is:

B. A. S. K. E. T. stands for (Best, Attract, Sell, Keep, Expand, Team Up)

1) BEST: We shall help you profile the best prospects for you to reach with your advertising & promotion.

2) ATTRACT: We shall custom design a creative advertising campaign for you to implement so you can attract your best prospects and induce them to visit your store or call your business. All of your employees need to participate in attracting prospects. Everyone on your staff MUST participate in attracting prospects. The B.A.S.K.E.T. Marketing Roadmap will show you how to motivate them to enroll in this vital part of the program!

3) SELL: Once you attracted the best prospects to visit or call, your staff must be able to sell them. They need to realize they cannot just be “order takers” or “customer service people” but “skilled salespeople”. Should they need to be trained or re-trained in sales, we can help you do that as a separate job of course. You will need to sharpen their sales skills. Does it make sense to you to spend your time, effort and money to first profile the best prospects and then attract them to come to your business or to call you and then lose them because your staff are not able to close the sale?

4) KEEP: We shall show you how to bring back old clients you have not heard from & keep current ones. It is cheaper to keep a client than to get a new one!

5) EXPAND: We shall show you how to expand by getting referrals from your existing clients & also how to motivate them to give you the referrals that you need!

6) TEAM UP: We shall show you how to team up with other businesses to help each other. We shall show you how to join or start a networking group, do Co-Op advertising and other ways of teaming up with non-competing businesses!

The cost of designing a B. A. S. K. E. T. customized for you is a one-time fee of $399. Let's explain the real importance of having a marketing road map. Let us say that you are ill and cannot self-diagnose and self-prescribe an over-the-counter medication. So you have to go to a physician. The physician will A) diagnose you (using stethoscope, possibly blood tests, X-rays, Cat-Scan, etc.) and then B) write you a prescription with instructions on how to use the medication. You buy it at the pharmacy and start using the medicine and get well soon. What we MUST first do, as your Marketing Manager, is to diagnose your company by performing an in-depth study of your business and custom-designing a B. A. S. K. E. T. Marketing Road Map, both of us will then know what needs to be done as of TODAY!

STEP #2:
Once B. A. S. K. E. T. is designed and the detailed written report given to you, we shall work with you, on an on-call basis, to help you implement it. That is what we shall be doing as your new on-call Marketing Manager! We shall either sub-contract with you to do a certain job (ex. direct-mail of a post card to all the homes within 3 mile radius, if that is what is recommended by B. A. S. K. E. T.), or you can do that yourself and we shall help you in any way you need us to on an affordable hourly basis (see below).

STEP #3:
Instead of your paying a full-time Marketing Manager a hefty salary plus benefits, expenses, etc. you us pay a reasonable hourly fee for the time you use our service. It is only $50/hr and this covers any on-line (email, IM, etc), phone, fax or written consultation. Our ongoing role would be to help you implement B. A. S. K. E. T.'s recommendations, tweak it (if necessary), advise you on an on-going basis 7 days a week if needed! We will require a $500 advance under our work and bill you on a monthly basis. That covers 10 hrs of professional marketing advice. Compare that to paying a full time Marketing Manager a base salary and benefits that will not be less than $5,000 a month! We are NOT saying that you will need 10 hours of our marketing consultation services a month. You may need only 2 or 5. So if you only used 5 hours of our time, we shall bill you for $250 and deduct that amount from the $500 deposit you have with us. So starting the next month, you will have on deposit with us $250. If you ever decide not to use our service anymore, for any reason, you need to notify us in writing and we shall refund to you whatever balance is left in your account.


We set up a 1-hour appointment in your office. We can meet after hours, on weekends, etc. We shall need your undivided attention during this hour to ask you the tens of questions that we shall need answered to enable us conduct the B. A. S. K. E. T. Road Map. The $399 fee for B. A. S. K. E. T. needs to be prepaid.

Once the written report is ready, we shall set up another appointment and meet to discuss the findings of the report. You then decide whether you want us to help you implement it on a part-time basis. All costs and fees will be very clearly detailed in the report. If you want to implement the recommendations yourself, we shall thank you and leave. If, however, you decide to hire us, we shall discuss and agree on future steps.

So do not be left on your own trying to find out what works during this recession! Order your customized
B. A. S. K. E. T. Road Map today and hire us as your on-call part time Marketing Manager

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