Sales Training in your city!




A comprehensive sales training course for your sales people can be conducted in your city!



The course covers:

• How to prospect

• How to get appointments

• How to build rapport with the prospect

• How to make great presentations

• How to handle objections and close the sale

• How to use psychology every step of the way, etc.

General information:

Training will include in-class role playing, sales games, etc. Your sales force will be more productive, self confident and will always look forward to the sales job with enthusiasm! The trainer has 25 years of experience in outside sales, sales training and sales management and is offering to extensively train your sales people, either privately in your office, or as part of a group training for several companies done together at one time in your city if you can organize such a workshop. The training that you select will be conducted over 5 days,  9 am to 5 pm with coffee and lunch breaks.  A schedule will be set up, in conjunction with you of course, 4-5 weeks before the start of the training.

Abdallah Eljabaly

Trainer and President of Florida Business Association LLC

Benefit from the trainer's great understanding and application of the US sales techniques, having lived & worked in sales, sales management and sales training in the USA for 30 years. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the American University of Beirut and MBA work from the University of Arizona.

His greatest asset in training your sales force will be that he is an Arab-American, speaks and writes Arabic fluently, and understands the Arab culture and the ways of doing business in the Middle East. The training will be conducted in English and he will bring his training material including printed manuals, etc. Here is a breakdown of the fee and other details:

A) Our $10,000 fee will cover:

   i) the fee of the trainer for 5 full days of training. He will actually stay 8 days: two
      days before the training starts to ensure that all is well organized, and one day
      after the training, to meet with you before he flies back to the USA.

   ii) his airline ticket, hotel stay (8 days), board, transportation and training material
      pre-shipped from the USA before his arrival or possibly brought with him, which
      ever is convenient and will be there on time! 

  iii) The $10,000 needs to be remitted at least 3 weeks before arrival. We shall
     give you our bank info. This way, the trainer can book his airline, hotel, etc.

B) You arrange the venue (place) where the training will be conducted. That could
     could be inside your office, if you have a large meeting room that will be made
     available for the training for 5 continuous days, or in a hotel meeting room. You
     need to provide or pay for refreshments and daily lunches, if you want to offer
     the latter to your people. We strongly suggest that so the trainees do not have
     to leave the meeting room for lunch and return late, etc.  You will need to have
     sufficient seats and tables for the number of attendees and also provide a large
     dry board with dry markers and an eraser. A paper easel board will do the job.

C) You will facilitate the trainer's entry visa, if any is needed. He carries a US  
      passport. Also you need to arrange any local permits, if any are needed just for
      this one workshop, sponsorship letter, etc. so that he does not encounter
     problems while he is there.

D) You can have up to 20-25 attendees present, although a lower number would
    be recommended to give each attendee the opportunity to ask questions and
    interact with the trainer and the others. The trainer requires that you email
    short WORD files filled in by each attendee, mentioning his/her name, job,
    specialty, what he/she lacks in (weaknesses), strengths, any objections that
    or he/she have difficulty overcoming, what questions they have, if any, that
    need to be answered and what topics he/she would need to be covered. A
    digital photo attached or embedded in the word file would be highly useful.

Business is not just going to come to you. In economic downturns, such as the ones we all are experiencing now, to varying degrees of course, smart companies need to upgrade their peoples' sales talents! They need to use this period as an opportunity to better engage and train their existing sales force staff than to lay some of them off.  We shall train them to be more effective sales people and to increase their closing ratios so your Company's sales will increase over your competition's!

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