An Affordable Road Map for Your
Business to Safely Navigate this Recession!


It is an innovative marketing program clearly designed for these tough economic times, and tailor-made for your business to help you survive the current recession. We study your business and present you with a written plan as to what you need to do to enable your business to withstand the current bad economy and to thrive when it turns around. Why waste your time and money trying to figure out what to do? For a one-time low fee, you can now have a SNAPSHOT Road Map custom-designed for YOU to use! No more guessing, experimenting, or not knowing what to do!


The SNAPSHOT is similar to B. A. S. K. E. T.: you will be asked the same questions and you will get the same report. The only major difference is that we shall not do the graphic designs that we would normally include with B. A. S. K. E. T.

For example, in B. A. S. K. E. T., if we recommend you print and mail a color post card to businesses in your 5-mile radius, we would include the suggested design of the post card, front and back, in PDF format on a CD. This way, when you implement the report, you can give the CD to your printer to print the post cards. In THE SNAPSHOT, we do not include any graphic designs.

The reason we do not include the graphic designs is because they are very time consuming for us and we cannot afford to custom design a detailed marketing road map AND include the graphic designs for only $199! For your information, we charge $75/hr for graphic design regardless if they are in B. A. S. K. E. T. or if one of our clients orders some for a project. We estimate two hours of graphic design with B. A. S. K. E. T. and that is why the price for that package is $399 versus $199 for THE SNAPSHOT that has no graphic designs! So if you want the complete package so you can implement it on receipt, order B. A. S. K. E. T. If just you want to know what you can do to help your business during the recession, then order THE SNAPSHOT.

Your SNAPSHOT Road Map will be customized for YOU!
$199 payable at time of order.

How to order your own customized SNAPSHOT Road Map!?

A) Click on the ORDER FORM below. It will take you to a secure website. Please fill all the required information. Click on SUBMIT PAYMENT FORM.
B) Once we process the credit card payment, we shall call you to set up an appointment in your office for at least 1 hour. We shall need your undivided attention. This can be done after hours or over the weekend, if you wish.
C) The information you provide us with will be treated with complete confidentiality of course. These questionnaires will cover wide range of areas of your business: marketing, management, etc. Once we get them back, we shall study them in depth. We will probably call or email you for more information, clarifications, etc. We shall then custom-design and print the recommended plan of action and mail it to you by CERTIFIED MAIL marked PERSONAL so only you can sign for it.

So do not be left on your own trying to find out what works during this recession! Order your customized SNAPSHOT Road Map today! Click on the Order Form below.


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