A comprehensive sales training course for your entire staff can be conducted in your office!

Training Class

I) The 10 benefits of training your entire staff in sales!:

Here are the first 4 benefits of training your entire staff in sales:

  • Your marketing and advertising dollars will be better spent and more productive now that your staff can convert a lot of the prospects who call or come to you into paying clients!
  • When you lose a sale to a competitor, it is just because the competitors’ staff are better able to sell the prospects than your staff. By training your staff in sales, not only will you lose LESS business to your competitors than you did before, you will move ahead of them in sales!
  • You pay for the training one time but your staff will be better qualified to sell for life! The return on investment is huge and long-term!
  • Most businesses mix up CUSTOMER SERVICE and SALES. They train their staff in customer service but ignore training them in sales. Our sales training workshop evens the balance!

Click here to read the entire list of the 10 benefits in great detail


II) Sales Training - Do Your Staff REALLY Need It?

Click here to the read the article by TSN Training, UK.


III) Who conducts the sales training?

Mr. Al Jabaly, the manager of Florida Business Association, LLC will conduct the sales training. He has over 30 years in “in the trenches” valuable and extensive sales experience. He was a sales manager for 2 years. He wrote the 50+ page manual that he uses when conducting his sales training He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and an MBA.


IV) How long is the sales training and where is it conducted?

It can be conducted, in your office or by webinar, in one of two different schedules:

A) On a full day 9-5 pm, Monday-Saturday.

B) Over 2-3 days say 3-5 pm each day.


V) What does the sales training cover?

Click here to see the 2-page index of the sales manual that will show you what it covers.


VI) How much does it cost & how to order?

The cost will depend on how many members of your staff will be attending the workshop or webinar. Click here to see the rate card. Once you have decided on the number of staff to be trained, contact the sales trainer. He will email you an order form that you can fill, sign, date and send back. You can fax it or scan and email it. Once the order is processed, he will contact you and finalize the venue and schedule. We accept credit cards.


VII) To contact the sales trainer?

Call him 7 days a week. He lives in Florida (EST) 561-252-7955.

Fax is 561-334-4758. Or click here to fill and email this inquiry form.